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In the area, which under the protection of Neptune was protected by Poseidon, with great prosperity in antiquity due to its excellent geographical position, the worship of the deities of the sea had developed, as evidenced by the ruins of the temples of Poseidon and Melikertis Palaimonas Roman theater and the stadium. There, one of the most important sports meetings in ancient Greece took place every three years in spring, dedicated to Poseidon. Particularly characteristic of the fact that in the races, although only men were initially involved, later "tender men" were involved, adolescents, while in musical competitions and women.Today, only the foundations of the temple are saved, because in the 6th century AD the Byzantine Emperor Justinian used the temple's materials and built a very strong defensive wall to protect the Peloponnese from the north-attacked barbarians, to such an extent that in the later years this wall was considered a classical antiquity.

The museum of Isthmia, however, is home to great findings, as well as a collection of unique glass panels of 375 BC, while there are many informative layouts and many windows facing the archaeological site, showing the riches and glory of the Isthmans during the years of acne their.